Shoshone Falls, Snake River Idaho

Stereograph of Shoshone Falls. Image taken during the U.S. Geological Survey West of the 100th Meridian Expedition.

Stereograph of Shoshone Falls, Idaho. Digital file copy of original photo (LC-DIG-stereo-1s00409) held in Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.

Cultural Narrative: 

The stereograph of the Shoshone Falls was created in 1874 during the USGS West of the 100th Meridian expedition. The original stereograph is held in the collections of the Library of Congress. The Shoshone-Bannok Tribes Language and Cultural Preservation Program Archives obtained a copy of the image for use in an exhibit about subsistence practices surrounding Shoshone Falls.  Shoshone Falls was an area on the Snake River, Idaho that acted as a major fishing area for the Shoshone-Bannok Tribe.  Tribal members historically fished for salmon at the falls.

Traditional Knowledge: 

Shoshone-Bannok peoples fished for salmon below the falls, spearing fish with elk antler and willow gaffs.