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Monumen Rawa Gede.JPG
Aditya Buana Saputra
Architecture, Artistry and Artifacts, Machinimagraphs, Biographies, Building Our Nation, Category A, Composers, Education, Research Data, Education, Elders, Government to Government Relations, Land Use, Language, Lifeways, Maintaining Our Cultural and Social Integrity, Oral Histories, People, Places, Profiles in Resilience, Publications and Media Coverage about the Tribe, Religion, Stories, The Art of Coushatta Basketry and other Handicrafts, The Path of Our Ancestors
Monumen ini berada di pinggir jalan sebelah utara, Dusun Rawagede, Desa Balongsari, Kecamatan Rawamerta, Karawang, Jawa Barat tepatnya pada koordinat 06° 14′ 283″ Lintang Selatan dan 107° 19′ 599″ Bujur Timur.